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Privacy Policy

Updated May 2015

This privacy policy ("Policy") outlines how SumRando Proprietary Limited ("SumRando") collects, uses, transfers and shares your information when you use the VPN, Web Proxy, or Messenger products provided by SumRando at ("Services").

By using the Services, you represent that you are an adult, as that term is understood in the country from which you use the Services and you explicitly agree to the collection, transfer and use of your personal information by SumRando as described in this Policy. As privacy advocates, SumRando cares about protecting your privacy. Please send us any questions, comments, or suggestions at

We reserve the right to modify this Policy at any time, and we encourage you to keep yourself informed of any amendments that we implement. If we amend the Policy, we will notify you that amendments have been affected by placing a notice of an amendment on the home page of our website.

Upon account registration, you would have provided certain information to us including your name, username, password, geographic region, email address, phone number, credit card and billing information (herein "Personal Information"). Personal Information is stored securely and in the case of credit card details and passwords, Personal Information is hashed and never stored on a local database. Each element of Personal Information is encrypted and stored in our secure database.

Other information collected and stored by us relates to the amount of data that you have used and the times at which you use the Services (herein "Log Information"). Log Information is strictly used and processed by SumRando for account management purposes only. Log Information is stored in a secure database. SumRando does not and never will monitor, analyze, process or store any information pertaining to your web-based activity whilst using the VPN or Web Proxy services.

When using Messenger Services, user generated content including text, video and images (herein "Messages") while using SumRando Messenger is stored securely in our encrypted database. Users have complete control over Messages both sent and received, and may delete Messages from our servers at any time. Messages older than 30 days are automatically deleted for additional security. SumRando does not and will never monitor or analyze your Messages whilst using the Messenger services.

We do not disclose, trade or sell Personal Information to third-parties for any purposes. Our purpose and priority is to protect your security and privacy. That said, SumRando adheres to the laws and regulations of Mauritius, particularly with regard to lawful requests for information made by competent authorities.

Should we engage the services of third-parties to handle your Personal Information in support of providing Services, whether local or foreign, we require them to adhere to privacy procedures that will ensure that your Personal and Log Information is kept confidential, used, stored and processed in the manner described above. In addition, we will only give third-parties the absolute minimum information needed by them to perform the services we require of them.

If, at any time, you have any questions regarding the way we deal with your Personal Information or Log Information, please contact us at [].